Reseller Virtual Assistant

As a dedicated virtual assistant for online resellers, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to streamline your e-commerce operations, maximize your listings’ visibility, and boost your sales across multiple platforms.

Services Offered

Drafting / Cross Listing Virtual Assistant

Poshmark Listing

High-quality photos and compelling descriptions to highlight your items' unique selling points. Keyword-optimized titles and descriptions. Research for accurate pricing based on market trends.

Mercari Listing

Creation of eye-catching listings designed to attract potential buyers. Detailed descriptions and clear, appealing images. Regularly updating listings to keep them relevant and fresh.

Crosslist Optimization

Ensuring your listings are optimized for cross-listing across multiple platforms. Saving you time by expanding your reach to a wider audience. Utilizing tools like Vendoo and ListPerfectly to streamline the process.

Vendoo Expertise

Efficient management of your inventory using Vendoo's powerful tools. Updating listings and keeping your inventory organized. Leveraging Vendoo’s analytics for better performance insights.

ListPerfectly Integration

Streamlining the cross-listing process to ensure your products are easily available to potential buyers across various platforms. Efficiently managing bulk listings to save time and increase sales opportunities.

eBay Listing Specialist

Creating detailed product listings, including relevant keywords, item specifics, and descriptions. Proficient in eBay policies and guidelines, especially for pre-owned clothing, shoes, and accessories. Conducting price and product research to optimize listings.

Shopify Management

Updating Shopify product listings with necessary details. Integrating data across multiple marketplaces (e.g., TikTok Shop, eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, Mercari). Using CSV files to add information to Vendoo for seamless cross-listing.

Depop Expertise

Setting up and managing accounts on Depop and Grailed. Creating detailed listings with accurate descriptions and high-quality images. Regularly updating prices and stock levels.



Cross-Listing Tools

Vendoo ListPerfectly

Product Research Tools

Terapeak Google Lens

Inventory Management

Google Sheets Onedrive