About Labdhie

Labdhie started as a comprehensive virtual assistant and administrative support service provider in India, specializing in business and personal concierge services. We are realistic in our expectations of providing world-class services to our clients who are mostly start-up companies, and small and medium-sized businesses.

At Labdhie, we strive to make your experience an enjoyable one. Since opening the business in 2011, we have successfully supported a variety of clients in a myriad of industries. Labdhie has been the number one choice on various online marketplaces like Upwork.


We then expanded our realm into digital marketing and other SEO services. We are one of the largest white-label citation building companies. 

Our deep understanding of the industry coupled with a young, enthusiastic team will surely make you feel good about choosing us. We work hard to stay up to date and be aware of everything happening in the field.


Dedicated and determined since inception

  • 2011Back in the day

    Started as a husband-wife duo

  • 2013Our loft was tiny

    We worked round the clock changing guards in different time zones and added 20 new clients.

  • 2015Tied up with Inc. 5000 companies

  • 2017As our ideas grew bigger, so did the office

  • 2022Entering the world of digital marketing

Find Smart DIGITAL Possibilities

For Business Owners

Understanding the complexity of SEO for a local business owner can be overwhelming. Our SEO team focuses on helping increase your ranking on Google. Many can do audits and optimizations but are not as detailed as we do. 

For Agency Owners

Are you having trouble scaling up your SEO agency to the next level? Or feeling overwhelmed with too much to do? We are a growth focused digital marketing agency that gets real client results.


Our agents come to us with an average of 3 years of experience. They have the skills that they need to make an impact from day one. We are special because of our people. We build a team of high-performance professionals who are determined to do great work each day.

The most defining characteristic of our company is the rate at which we adapt to change.

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We work hard and are committed to working harder. The results of these efforts are obvious.

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What our clients say

NAP Listings review testimonial

labdhie testimonial review upwork client

Labdhie Upwork testimonial review

Brian Dickerson

I can't recommend Labdhie Support Services enough!  Their team continues to offer incredible quality work at very reasonable prices.  We've used them for numerous projects in the the past 5 years, from handling daily reporting requirements that didn't make sense to automate, to updating NAP listing, to managing posts on social sites.  They have truly given us an affordable option rather than having to bring expensive local talent onto our payroll.