A few words about
our small digital factory

Doing Our Best, We Make our Clients Happy


Labdhie is a comprehensive virtual assistant and administrative support service provider in India specializing in both business and personal concierge services. We are one of the few that can build strong citations ensuring maximum visibility. We are realistic in our expectations of providing world-class virtual assistants and project managers to our clients who are mostly start-up companies, small and medium sized businesses. We pride ourselves on our ability to generate fast, friendly and personalized services. At Labdhie, we strive to make your experience an enjoyable one. Since opening the business in 2011, Labdhie has successfully supported a variety of clients in a myriad of industries. Labdhie has been the number one choice on various Online Marketplaces.

Our deep understanding of citations coupled with a young, enthusiastic team will surely make you feel good about choosing us. The dynamics of citation building is constantly changing and we work hard to stay up to date and be aware of everything happening in the field.


01. Local Citation Building

Our citation building service is top rated which has made an enormous impact on local SEO of our customers

02. Highest Quality

There is nothing that goes out unchecked. Our quality parameters are formidable and thus we are reaching new heights.

03. Unique Experience

We are very flexible to work with. This is one of our USP. Most of our clients are now with us for over five years, and they all love companies that are flexible to work with.

04. Top-notch Support

Each order is delivered within 3 working days. All emails are responded within 4 hours.

05. Team

Labdhie currently has 120 people serving clients in more than 7 countries including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan.

06. Hourly rate

Most of the tasks are done at a mere $4 an hour. Our low pricing makes a huge impact on your ROI.