Outsource job search to Labdhie. We search and apply for your next job

Labdhie helps you get your next job faster. Job Search assistant for busy professionals like you.

Job search is a very time consuming process. At Labdhie, we search through the job listings to find ones that match your skills and experience. We go into greater detail. Job searching involves 2 key elements:

  1. Researching (See Video Below)
  2. Filling out applications (See Video Below)

Researching. We compile all of this information into a Google Doc spreadsheet based on the categories and industry you outline. (Example: Find top Gaming companies from “best companies to work for”, Fortune 500, Inc 5000 etc.. narrow down by company size, locations etc..)

Filling out applications. From the right type of companies you have shortlisted, we apply to those jobs on your behalf. We create a profile on these websites and submit your resumes. All we would need is your resume, cover letter, a gmail account that is for “application purpose” and LinkedIn account. All the login details are tracked.

Watch these videos and contact us for any questions.